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Our Compliance

  • Level 1 BEE
  • Partners:
  • ► Accredited ECA, Wireman’s License, SAPVIA, PV Greencard
  • ► Single Accredited Distributor for SSA from 2 Leading Global Salt Battery Suppliers
  • Our Team

  • 100% Black Owned
  • Majority Female Owned
  • Organisation:
  • ► Multi-Disciplinary Executive Management
  • ► Cross Functional Technical Teams
  • Our Executive Management

    Mickey Mashale
    Exec. Dir. - CEO
    Gundo Mawela
    Exec. Dir. - COO
    Khanyisani Nkosi
    Exec. Dir. - CIO
    Lesedi Mashale
    Exec. Dir. - CMO
    Mickey Mashale (Ms.)
    CEO and Founder

    Mickey Mashale is a highly accomplished business executive with a diverse educational background and a strong track record of driving success in the corporate world. With a comprehensive understanding of business management, commercial operations, and strategic leadership, Mashale has played a pivotal role in transforming organizations and positioning them for growth.

    She holds a wealth of academic achievements, starting with an MBA in Business Management from the University of the Witwatersrand.

    Gundo Mawela photo

    Gundo Mawela (Mr.)
    CTO & Operations Officer

    Mr. Gundo Mawela is a highly experienced Operations Officer at Change Energy.

    Khanyisani Nkosi photo

    Khanyisani Nkosi (Mr.)
    Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Khanyisani Nkosi is a highly skilled investment banking professional.

    Lesedi Mashale photo

    Lesedi Mashale (Ms.)
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Ms. Lesedi Grace Mashale is a highly experienced Group Corporate Brand & PR Lead.

    Our Structure

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mickey Mashale (Ms)

    1. Chief Investment Officer

      Khanyisani Nkosi

    2. Chief Technology & Operations Officer

      Gundo Mawela

      1. Head of Technology

      2. Head of Operations

        1. Engineering Consulting

          Mothapo Consulting

    3. Chief Marketing Officer

      Lesedi Mashale

      1. Head of Commercial & Marketing

      2. Head of Sales & Business Development

    4. Chief Financial & Risk Officer


      1. Financial Mngt

      2. Legal & Risk

      3. Human Resources

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